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The Love of Three Oranges (one-act version) is available for perusal by request

Posted on Aug 29 by

  A couple of quick updates on The Love of Three Oranges (one-act version): I received the final proof from Playscripts and gave my approval on August 20th. They are trying to fast track this play to be out as soon as possible so, while I don’t have a firm release date to give you, it should be available very soon now. There’s a field on the play’s page where you can sign up to be notified via email the moment the play is available for sale. I highly recommend doing that if you’re eager for it because that’s actually the same way I’ll know when it’s out so, chances are, you’ll end up knowing about it exactly when I do or earlier. If you visit the play’s page, you can sign up to perform it now even though the show isn’t actually available to buy yet. There’s also an email address on the page to use if you want to preview the play before it’s available. I assume what they’d email you in that case is either the preview...


Faithful to the original: Adapting something that goes against your beliefs

Posted on Aug 26 by

Adaptation is a very weird movie. But in a good way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)When I was writing The Love of Three Oranges, I kept coming to moments in the writing process when I would hit a cross-roads between staying closer to the original text and playwright’s intent or to the play I was writing. Was I writing a faithful scholarly adaptation or a comedy for modern audiences based on something old? It was something I really struggled with and, most times, I opted to stay true to Gozzi even when it was at the expense of the adaptation as a standalone play out of the historical context. Because I was writing it as part of a school project, I genuinely didn’t know any better and thought that was what I HAD to do with an adaptation.  So I kept scenes in that I knew were boring and preachy because they were in the original, things like that. And this is not me saying that what I wrote is in any way better than Gozzi’s version because, to use an apt cliché,...


The four hardest things about rewriting something you thought was finished

Posted on Aug 19 by

Throwing out digital words is so much less cathartic than the old paper wad (Photo credit: Kat Cole) “After that there is rewriting. This is worse than merely writing, because not only does he have to think up new things just the same, but at the same time try not to remember the old ones.” -Edward Gorey Back in March (has it really been FOUR MONTHS since then???), I mentioned that I needed to completely rewrite the project nicknamed Mistress Novel from scratch. To give you the TL; DR recap: My novel was finished and getting agent nibbles but I decided to stop querying because wanted to make what I thought was a small tweak to the backstory of two of the main characters and, what I thought would just be changing a paragraph here and there, actually spiraled into needing to scrap everything and completely start anew. Or so I thought. I think every writer has experienced the high of thinking you were done with a project for good and handed it in… only to find you needed...


Santa Claus is a Vampire and other shocking holiday truths found in Polar Twilight!

Posted on Aug 14 by

Christmas in July… er, August! Planning your holiday show? Consider Polar Twilight, a Christmas show with a bite. #ifyouknowwhatImean Here’s the thing. Playscripts did this big Christmas in July promotional push and was tweeting links out to all their holiday plays and I thought, “Nifty! “What I nice boost for Polar Twilight.” Except, when I took a moment to follow their links, I noticed that the show wasn’t actually showing up at all. After some investigation, I made a discovery. Up until recently, there was some kind of bug on the Playscripts website that prevented Polar Twilight from showing in search results unless you specifically searched for the full title or my name exactly. So if you searched for Christmas? It didn’t show up. Vampire Santa Claus? Nothing. Holiday one acts? Not there. You see the problem. It was impossible to find the show unless you already knew about it which was far from ideal. There had been a big dip in interest in the show since Playscripts redid their site and, suddenly, I had an idea why. Fortunately,...


The Love of Three Oranges (one-act version) featured in Playscripts’ 2014 fall catalog

Posted on Aug 7 by

One of the most exciting things about upcoming one-act version of The Love of Three Oranges is how quickly everything came together. One minute I was toying with the idea of writing an abridged version and the next I was handing in the final version, the contract signed. But one of the best things about this speed is that it means the play should be out as soon as this fall. And that deadline never seemed more real than today when Playscripts sent out a sneak peek of their upcoming catalog to subscribers. Three Oranges is a recommended play for Middle School, High School and College audiences, which is really cool to get that endorsement to all three of those groups, but also gets this unexpected honor… Check out that real estate! Truff and the gals have a good 1/3 of that page all to themselves in the Middle School section. Couple this with the fact that the blurb for the one-act cross promotes the full length play too and the show has a huge presence in this year’s catalog. This could...


Notice anything different? Brand new site design for HillaryDePiano.com!

Posted on Aug 5 by

New HotnessGuys, look at this hotness. For the first time in ages, I’m actually proud of my author website. It’s something befitting where I am in my writing career and it looks nice and clean to boot. I’ve been going through old blog posts and I noticed something. I’ve redone this site MANY times. We’ve changed platforms, hosts, templates and themes easily a dozen or more times. This was partly because I like to play around and I always use my own site as the guinea pig before I try it on a client website and partly because there was always something I thought could work better or faster. I’m a serial tinkerer when it comes to websites. The last four versions of the site, however, were all actually modified versions of the same theme… the same ghetto-fabulous, hacked-up theme that I created using a buggy theme generator to begin with over a decade ago. It looked OK, which is the main reason it took me this long to make changing it a priority, but it had a few...