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I haven’t looked at my year long writing goal spreadsheet because I made a separate spreadsheet just for Script Frenzy and have been living inside it for the last few days.

I have an addiction to making very complicated writing spreadsheets. You may have noticed this. On the plus side, I am an Excel MASTER!

So let’s recap, shall we. I was trying to write the equivalent of 500 words a day of new fiction (blog posts, pre-writing etc do not count) without actually writing every single day (because I don’t always have time). So I am trying to write 182,500 words for the year and get close to an average of 500 words a day. I also added a wrinkle in that editing counts towards this. I learned that it takes me 15 minutes to write 500 words at the slowest going and originally set every hour of editing to equal 500 words. Then my husband took me aside and told me I was a crazy person and that I was rating editing at a quarter of the value when it’s, in may ways, more writing than first draft writing. So I modified that to every hour equaling 1,000 words which is still double the time period it actually takes me to write that much.

I just went in and added my Script Frenzy word count to date into the spreadsheet so I can say that, as of today, I have written a sad little 18,248 new words for the year. However, with all the insane editing work I’ve been doing, I have logged 36.75 hours of editing meaning that, at the 1,000 words an hour editing rate I am at….


You know what’s even better? Without counting the editing, I’m averaging just under 200 words a day which is a goal some people shoot for so I’m not doing that terribly there. But even better is that I am averaging 561 words a day including editing which means that I am on pace! I am actually doing the amount of writing a day I was trying to get up to, even if I am doing it here and there between my real work. This makes me so happy!

You guys, I may be kinda good at this life thing after all!!

This also makes me feel like maybe I should have made my goal harder since any goal that is attainable must be too easy, right? Yeah, my husband told me I was crazy for that too. But none the less, I cannot help but feel like the fact that I am on pace means I set my goal too low. I may only think this because I am insane is the current theory held amongst husbands that live in this house.

But my insanity aside, I am actually ahead! On track would mean that today I’d have 49,000 words but I’m quite a ways past that which is just plain awesome. I’m 27% done with the year but 30% done with my goal.

You know, when I set this goal, I thought it was going to be completely impossible. And, OK, if I didn’t count any editing at all maybe it would be. But I’m only counting new fiction, that is it, and even docking myself editing hours if I feel like I’m not giving it my all. So this is actually a reflection of my real work and the fact that I am accomplishing my goal kinda blows my mind. Also, when you consider that I count NONE of the blog posts on any of my many blogs, I write a damn lot.

You know what I also just realized? This count doesn’t include all the writing I did during the blackout! Excuse me… I need to go find my laptop. I’ll probably add some words to my Script Frenzy script while I’m at it.

So, how are your writing goals for the year coming along?