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I’m over 30k behind again.

My day job required a ton of webby programming stuff the last few days which made for very little progress on the word count. It was also very bad for the hands because it wasn’t work I could do with the voice program. Ouchie. But, there is a silver lining!

On the advice of my doctor, I finally bought myself a paraffin hot wax bath for my hands. (Finally because I stalled on this for MONTHS because I am a cheap bastard and hate spending money.) Basically, it’s super hot wax that you dip your hands in over and over until you have what are basically gloves made of wax on your hands that stay warm for a good long while. The heat is supposed to be good for issues such as mine and, while I suppose it could be psychological, it seems to be helping tremendously.

Since you pretty much can’t do anything while the wax is on your hands and the TV is currently monopolized by playoff hockey, I devised a little challenge for myself. I put the wax on my hands, have my husband put my mic headset on me and then I open the dictation program and a blank document. It’s a very strange form of timed writing where I  have to get as many words down as possible until the wax cools but I can’t use my hands at all. I also cannot stop to pee for obvious reasons which adds an element of danger to the whole thing. Most of the time, I’ve been doing e-commerce stuff because that comes easier but I actually wrote a short story, the outline for a project I may do in the future, worked on Wife Novel and even did some work on Asplode for the first time since NaNoWriMo 2010 ended all while wax-i-fied.

There is something very scary about sitting down to this each night knowing I’m stuck there for an hour with that blank document and no other entertainment. I’ve yet to have any idea of what I’m going to write before I sit down to do it which is somewhat freeing but I have to write something or just be stuck in that chair with nothing else to do. I kind of like the pressure of it all. It beats sitting next to husband asking him to turn the page of a magazine for me every few seconds.

Of course, this has not made up enough of the difference in word count. Also, my wax bath appears to be busted and was leaking all over creation this morning so we need to take it back to the store to exchange for a less busted one. I miss it already. It is my new best friend. What can you say… wax on, wax off.

Anyway, wax hands aside, if I were to hypothetically catch up to be on pace with my word goal for the year I’d need to hit 206,849 words by the end of May. I’m at 131,302 right now. That’s about 76k that I’ll need to write in May. That’s over a NaNoWriMo and a half! But I need to do it or I’ll be behind for the rest of the year. In an ideal world, I’ll actually get ahead in May and give myself a cushion. So I’m shooting for 76k in May but, secretly, I’m aiming for 100k.

So I, like potato above, am going to try to take it easy this weekend. Of course, I blew that tonight because I worked from 7 am to 8 pm, made dinner and then packed eBay all night but tomorrow is another day! I want to read and sing in Rock Band and play The Sims and do whatever other shiny thing strikes my fancy because, come Monday, it’s friggin’ Game Time. I’ve got most of my beta notes from Mistress Novel in with the final few stragglers coming in before Monday and then its back into the 24 hour editing cave of dooooooom. I also have several other big writing projects in the pipeline for May so I’m hoping pushing myself to hit 100k will be good for my To Do lists across the board.

I’ve never had a more than 50k month before. I’m a little scared. But I know it’s doable if I put my mind (and wax covered spaz hands) to it.

What do you mean, do I have a name for this? Who are you talking to, here? Of course I’ve named this challenge! Are you ready for it?

I know that I can do it because… where there’s a will, there’s a May! 😉