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For posterity, here’s the official record of my Script Frenzy 2012 win and the little chart of how my writing month shaped up.

Average of 5 pages a day? That’s about 1,250 words a day so I’m pleased about that. I owe you a post on my yearly writing goals but that will be for another day. All you need to know for now is that I’m still behind and, as usual, wondering if I made my goal too hard or if I’m a whiner. I can never be sure.

As for the month of April, I wrote a total of 33,207¬†words. This is my biggest month so far this year which sounds impressive until I tell you that my second biggest month is only about 900 words less than that and was February… you know, the month where I went on vacation AND first got whooping cough/pink eye/etc. So in my second biggest writing month of the year, I only managed to write as much as I did in a single week of February. Bleh.

This was a really rough month both health and work wise so I’ve decided to be happy with those numbers.¬†Anyway, as my husband so aptly reminded me, now that the calendar has ticked over, it’s time once again for Where There’s a Will, There’s a May!

Uh, yay?