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More good news about The Trading Assistant’s Assistant! Curled Up with a Good Book just featured my latest eBay book in their non-fiction section this week. Here is a small snippet from the review.

The The Trading Assistant’s Assistant provides readers with a lot of good information in a few pages. The tone of the book is upbeat and supportive, and because it is written in plain-speak rather than ‘Net-speak, it will appeal to a wider audience of readers. While not every question on the topic of building income as an eBay consignment shop is answered, the author has laid a good foundation. The Hillary DePiano’s views, both pros and cons, will help potential resellers make a more informed decision.

As for the changes to the Trading Assistant program that eBay announced recently, I am working with my publisher to update the book as well as correct a few typos that readers and reviewers have pointed out to me so expect a new edition to replace the existing one soon.