Regardless of whatever rumors Amazon is trying to spread, The Seller Ledger is still in stock. I happen to know for a fact that Amazon physically even has copies of this book so it remains a mystery to me why the site says that they don’t, but who am I to question.

The coil edition, and I tell you this with the understanding that you will not tell the perfect bound edition lest it becomes jealous and cries, has always been my favorite version and is the one that I use myself. I love that you can fold the thing over every which way without destroying it, though I think I like the cover of the perfect bound better and the perfect bound edition is a bit bigger. See, there kiddies, don’t cry! Mommy loves you both in your own ways.

That said, I am not sure how many more copies of the book are in existence and have heard nothing about a new print run so, if you want a copy (or an extra copy for when you fill up the one you have) now is probably the best time to buy because they will only be harder to come by in the future. If you want a copy you can pre-order on Amazon so when they find the copies they already have get new copies in stock they will ship it to you once available or there are a very limited number (just about 20 copies) available right now on eBay for immediate purchase through any of the links below: