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I’ll take terrible ideas for 800, Alex.

That sound you hear is TMNT fans everywhere weeping. Not in a good way. They are going to make another live action TMNT movie. Here is the news story.

I once spoke to a TMNT fan who told me that Eastman and Larid like nothing better than to take any good idea they have, not follow up on it and then do something terrible instead. This news seems to follow this pattern.

CGI TMNT movie was very popular, enough to warrent a sequel. So do they do that? No, of course not. They make another live action one. The 4 Kids show is hugely popular. Do they continue it? No, they do the terrible Fast Forward instead. I have never heard of any other thing like this where the creators are the last people the fans trust with their beloved characters but this seems to be the case here.

I am a big TMNT fan. Love the comics, the 4Kids show, the CGI movie. I do not love the live action movies other than in a “I am glad the Jim Henson creature shop has work” or a “God, I can’t believe I enjoyed this as a kid” kind of way. Do turtles fans want the movies to be darker? Heck yeah! But do it with a cartoon. You cannot make a live action TMNT movie any good because no matter how good the special effects are, the turtles look silly and it will never be good enough for the fans.

Let’s just say I hope this is a rumor. . .