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2%, eh? That is something of a buzz kill, not gonna lie.

So I worked my butt off yesterday and did all of the taxes which may not seem like a big thing but I worked from 7 AM straight through until about 9:30 PM with only a break to go to the gym (about 45 minutes) and make and eat dinner (about an hour and a half).*

*Side note: Rachel Ray and I are going to throw down. Woman claims her recipes take 30 minutes but that is a bold faced LIE. OK, maybe they take 30 minutes to cook but to cut up all the vegetables and other stuff takes 30 minutes by itself! I know, Rachel, you have sous chefs that do that cutting for you but unless you want to send those damn sous chefs over here to cut my damn veggies for me, don’t claim a recipe takes 30 minutes when only the cooking part takes 30 minutes but the whole thing takes over an hour. Freaking liar!

But I digress.

So since I worked like a fiend today, I decided to spend today on writing. Now, it wasn’t on fun fiction writing, it was stuff for the new edition of The Trading Assistant’s Assistant (coming out very soon, I will post when I know exactly when). We are adding a whole new section to reflect changes to the TAprogram and I totally just housed that puppy today so I’m feeling good about getting that done.

I’ve been working an extra long day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I was thinking of making Tuesday and Thursday all writing days so that I can devote a whole day to writing projects without feeling like I’m neglecting real work. Not sure if I will be able to pull this off as there is *a lot* of real work to do but a girl can dream. But I pulled it off today so it shows some potential.

Also, you may have noted from my last post that the number of words I had left in the year made no sense. This is because I could only get Google Docs to calculate this in a very dumb way so I am going to try to enlist the husband to figure out a less stupid way to have it calculate. In the meantime, we are going manual. But while this means ridiculous stats such as how many words left and how on track I am aren’t working, I can guarantee that Mr. Potato is 100% correct if nothing else.

I wrote 2,867 words today. This is 2% of my goal. Facts.

Anyway, the potato is taking a break and watching the old boob tube because I am going to jump in the shower and then take advantage of Free Movie Tuesday with the husband and catch Sherlock Holmes this evening. All in all, a very productive week so far, here’s hoping I can keep it up! 🙂

What up, Holmes!

Rachel Ray, I’ve got my eye on you.