I know how it is. You’ve been meaning to grab a copy of my newest play, Daddy Issues, but you kept forgetting. Well, now you really have no excuse.

While the play is normally a mere 99 cents, from January 9th through 13th, you can grab the whole thing completely for free. That applies no matter how many people download and you don’t even need a coupon or anything fancy. Just follow this link and the whole play will be yours in a few clicks.

Download a copy for yourself and then make your father grab one too. (This play is a real Dad pleaser.) Heck, get all your theatre buddies to snag a free copy or every random person you know! No matter how many copies go out, the entire play is still free to anyone and everyone during this 5 day promotion. Pretty neat, huh?

Don’t have a Kindle? Here’s how to read your free copy on your computer, cell phone or tablet.

Oh and if you do take advantage of this free copy promotion, I’d greatly appreciate your taking a moment to write up a brief review of the book on Amazon!

But, remember, you only have until Friday the 13th to take advantage of this offer so you should probably go grab your free copy right now before you forget again. 😉

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