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OK, fine. Because you asked for it, I’m giving you two more free days. The book will be free again on March 3rd and 4th but this is absolutely 100% your last chance to get it free! -Hillary

The free promotion for Daddy Issues was a rousing success so I wanted to give you another little present. From February 18th through midnight on February 20th (President’s Day), you can grab The Author free from Amazon.

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The Author
by Hillary DePiano

Ever have one of those days when you aren’t sure which side of the pen you’re on?

When Julianne writes a violent role in her play for her shy crush Leslie, she imagines she’s letting him act out his secret desires. But the character she writes turns out to be more than her awkward classmate can handle and her words lead to tragedy. As the narrative peels back to reveal other angles and the layers of storytelling unravel around them, only one question remains: Who is The Author?

From the author of The Love of Three OrangesThe Author is the Winner of the 2001 Julia Fonville Smithson Memorial Prize and the 2001 West Branch Literary Prize for Fiction.

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