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Don’t read all the sites I blog for? Here’s what you missed in the last week outside of

  • E-Commerce & Social Networking Week in Review April 14, 2012
    Straight from the source, here’s what happened in the world of e-commerce, social networking and selling online in the past week: NC Amendment One Impacts Businesses Like Lulu I believe that Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers makes a good statement about North Carolina Amendment One, up for vote on May 8: “You’re sending a message […]
  • The new eBay return policy changes hurt Trading Assistants the most
    I stand by the my earlier sentiments, namely that everyone should have a return policy and that the length of time eBay requires you to accept returns for doesn’t actually matter. But I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about something I meant to include in the pirate code post but forgot. The […]
  • No such thing as duh: What’s obvious to you may be a revelation for someone else
    Many weeks ago, I came across this video: And my first thought was: What a stupid video. The point it had to make was so obvious that I didn’t understand why they’d even bothered making it. Then I read the comments on it and realized that, while the idea was obvious to me, it was […]
  • My Little Pony Petite Ponies featured mini playsets long before Ponyville
    Oh, Petite Ponies! My littlest ponies! You’re this little, but I love you this big! Your world is this little, but I love it this big! Petite Ponies were plastic ponies of an inch high, some of which had brushable hair. Their bases had a horseshoe pattern that allowed you to activate their playset features. […]
  • Vintage Diecast Metal Cars auctions ending soon! Hot Wheels Redline Era, Matchbox Lesney, Corgi Juniors and more.
    We’ve got just about 450 vintage cars listed this week in our eBay store. Every one is an auction style listing starting at 99 cents with no reserve price so you can snag a great deal! There’s some really rare … Continue reading
  • Do you have a place to display your My Little Pony collection or is it packed away in storage?
    Do you have a pony room? Corner? Shelf? Or are you still waiting to have enough room to display your ponies? Have a picture of your ponies? Want to show them off? You can upload them directly in the comments below by using the attach button or just link to them if they’re already on […]
  • Jim Henson shows you how marketing through humor is done
    I’ve personally seen this many times before but the internet is acting like they just discovered it so I thought it might be a nice thing to share. Most people just know Jim Henson as the guy behind the Muppets but one of the reasons I’ve always loved him is that he wasn’t just a […]
  • E-Commerce & Social Networking Week in Review April 7, 2012
    Straight from the source, here’s what happened in the world of e-commerce, social networking and selling online in the past week: Literacy Month: Know the Facts, Make an Impact As writers, the very ability to read is something we take for granted. But the truth of the matter is that 32 million adults in the […]
  • Some programming notes
    So, if you read my personal blog (or follow me on Twitter) you know I’ve been sick. Specifically, I have whooping cough which my doctor informs me will last 3 months. I got it around mid February so I’m around the midpoint. My friends all scoffed at me when I first got it but apparently there’s […]