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New Year's Thieve“We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” -Hillary DePiano, New Year’s Thieve

It’s almost New Year’s Eve and my play, New Year’s Thieve, is getting a lot of attention. I’ve never had a response like this to something I’ve written, where I’m seeing quotes from it being shared all over the place and I decided I needed to strike while the proverbial iron was hot. To that end, the play is free from now until New Year’s Day on Amazon. (Remember, you can read eBooks bought on Amazon on any device from PC to phone so don’t worry about what you’ve got… it’s compatible!)

Even if theatre’s not your thing, as the share-ability of some of the soundbites indicates, it’s just a good story by itself. Poignant, thought provoking, and, of course, funny are all things I’m allowed to say about it without it being arrogant because they’re things other people said to me about it. (It’s a small loophole but I’m taking it, darn it! ;-)) If nothing else, you know you’re curious to see what the whole Frosty the Coat Rack thing has to do with anything.

This will be my very last chance to offer the play for free because it’s currently under submission so grab your free copy while the getting is good! Once I no longer control the rights, what I can do with the show is limited so take advantage now. You can get the free eBook on Amazon right here, right now!