Exciting things are happening at Burger King. Exciting things.

I don’t know if this Burger King slogan caught on with anyone else but I actually say this all the time.

I set up a mailing list a long time ago but I’ve never really pushed it here on the blog for a variety of reasons not worth going into. But exciting thing are happening at Burger King, as they say (OK, fine, no one but me says that but still) and it’s time to get real with a lot of things, building a mailing list being one of them. I would greatly appreciate you joining said mailing list here.

Emails will only go out when I have an announcement or other bits interest to share so I will never clog your mailbox. But it will help me get information out to the people who want to hear it and also give me a way to offer special giveaways and other premiums to my biggest supporters.  And, unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc, it will let me stay in touch with the people who want to stay in the loop even after the next social trend has come and gone.

If you’re not sure if you want to join, let me sweeten the deal. Everyone who signs up for my mailing list by March 31st will automatically be eligible for a special prize package which includes eBook versions of everything I can legally give you which includes:


*=Will be missing the ending as per my distribution agreement with Playscripts


…and anything else I release between now and then!

That’s almost the complete Hillary DePiano bibliography right there! I’ll be drawing a random winner for every 50 people who sign up for the list and we’re only a few people away from our first 50 already so get in on that action and help me spread the word! The more people who sign up, the more prizes I’ll be able to give out. If you already signed up before I posted this message, don’t worry, you’re still eligible to win.

We play a lot of Rummikub in my family. Sometimes it takes a long time to get enough points on your rack to come out and you’re just going nuts because you have all these moves to make with the runs other people have already put down but you can’t do anything yet. But then, when you finally get that last tile and you can come out, your turn is ridiculous because you have a million moves to make and the board is completely different once you’re finished.

This feels like an apt metaphor for where I am at the moment. So, please, sign up for my mailing list and come on the journey with me.

As always, thank YOU for sticking with me.