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As I eluded to in this post, Jane Austen and I have been having some issues.

First I wrote this weird SciFi-flavored parody of Pride and Prejudice that culminated in a battle to the death between Jane Austen and Mark Twain. I loved this play which was really funny and great and… absolutely way too long for what I needed it for. Boo. So even though I loved it and was totally excited about it, I needed to put it aside for a bit and concentrate on the stuff that’s actually do for now.

So then I tried to take part of that play and turn it into a different Jane Austen play, one that parodied all six of her novels but still had the Mark Twain battle scene which I loved. I wrote that play twice, edited it over and over, and… it just didn’t work. Harumph.

That’s when I realized two things. Firstly, by trying to save myself some work and reusing the Mark Twain bits from the other play, I was actually making it harder for myself. It would be so much easier if I had a whole new frame story instead of trying to shoehorn this play into the framework of the old one.

Secondly, I needed to stop trying to limit the cast size to two actors (which I was finding impossible because of the size of some of these stories) and just make the play as big as it wanted to be. I was trying to limit it to 2 actors to make it more forensics competition friendly which would make it more marketable but then I decided that the forensics kids of the world will find a way to do it with two people if that’s what they really want and it’s not my job to figure it out for them.

With these two revelations in mind, I wrote a freaking THIRD play, one which I am glad to finally present to you as…

Jane Austen squareThe Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved!
By Hillary DePiano

10-15 minutes
3-21+ actors possible
10w, 8m, 3e

Jane Austen is enjoying the hereafter just fine until her agent, Henry, insists she’s got to update her six classic novels to suit current tastes. In a fast-paced presentation, from soap opera to sitcom, paranormal romance to reality TV and more, Henry proposes New and Improved versions of Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Emma, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey to replace the originals. Will Jane agree to overwrite the classics with Henry’s increasingly ridiculous proposals or will she find another way to keep her legacy trending?

It’s a crazy fast paced comedy with lots of room for customization that I think you’re going to really love. If you’d just a free perusal copy, please let me know.

As for the Mark Twain / Jane Austen SciFi showdown that so many of you were excited about when I sent that tweet, it’s going to still happen… eventually. I have a lot of other projects that take precedence right now but I do plan to finish the original play I wrote and unleash it on you whenever my schedule allows. In the meantime, please enjoy my frantic take on the world of Jane Austen!