My new short play, Masks, deals with bullying and I’m pleased to announce that it’s been included in the brand new anthology on that topic from YouthPLAYS called…

Bullying Ink

(Not an official logo or image in any way, just something I threw together in five seconds for this blog post.)

Masks This collection features 14 short plays on bullying that can be mixed, matched and performed in any order to make a full length production or taken individually for use in the classroom, assemblies, drama or forensics competitions. In addition to Masks, it features plays by Diana Burbano, Jonathan Dorf, Julia Edwards, Jeff Goode, Neeley Gossett, Bradley Hayward, Arthur M. Jolly, Laura King, Hayley Lawson-Smith, Ellen Margolis, Daniel Rashid, Dylan Schifrin and Don Zolidis so you know it’s good stuff. While the official cover art for the anthology has yet to be revealed, you can preview all the plays in the collection as well as order the printed book or electronic copies of the whole anthology already here.

(At the moment, you can’t purchase scripts or rights for the individual plays outside of the anthology but my understanding is you will be able to later on.)

So honored to be included and I hope my work speaks to the people who need to hear it! Preview the collection or grab your copy here.