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If my records are correct, this July was my 9th Camp NaNoWriMo victory, lucky 13th time participating. While there’s a lot about the event that is wonky and ways it can improve, it’s still amazing how the accountability of having other people aware of my word count for the month motivates me to write more and more often. Even when I’m not working on anything specific, the Camp NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo months never fail to be some of my most productive and highest word count months of the year and I cannot recommend them highly enough or heap enough thanks on NaNoWriMo HQ for putting them on every year.

Here’s what July 2017 looked like in writing…

Total Words Written This Month
70,112 words

Average Words Per Day
2,262 words

Monthly Goal
30,000 (More than doubled it, whoops!)

Yearly Goal
408,555 / 500,000 (82%) <- hahahaha I mean what?

Can we just stop to appreciate for a moment here that my goal for the year was originally 200,000 words TOTAL.

And I’ve already doubled that.
At the midpoint.
With a newborn.

Aw, yeah!

Things completed:

Other Works Actively in Progress this Month:

  • non-fiction project about being a new parent and writer
  • my adaptation of Pintosmalto


My recap for May talked about missing my chance for an opportunity and letting it go and needing to be OK with getting less done right now. This feeling continued into June where I struggled to get any writing time at all and I really had to force myself to write when I did get the time because I was so burned out and kept getting distracted by random ideas and things. So, I set a small (for me at least) goal of just 30,000 words for July which was all I had left in the parent writer book just to at least get something done.

Then, dear reader, something magical happened. I did not get any more time to write. I did not get any more brainpower/sleep/time to think. In fact, in many ways, conditions were worse for writing in July than they were in May and June but… for some unknown reason, I got my second wind. I stayed up extra late. I worked standing at the kitchen counter while bouncing the baby in the wrap. I took what little time I had and used the shark out of it. In short, I entered Beast Mode and got stuff done!

It was pretty much just like this.

There had been a certain choice I’d been struggling with, pluses and minuses on both options, and then I figured out HOW TO HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO in a brilliant and diabolical scheme where I could sneakily do BOTH with a little fiddling. So I fiddled and now things are in motion. Being super vague right now because I’m waiting for things to get into writing and be all finalized and whatnot but what you need to know is that I should have some cool news to share soon on several fronts. The chance I blew back in May might even be back on the table, we’ll have to see!

This also meant lots of work on the Tale of Tales project, resulting in a third version of each of the Tales plays. It’s getting incredibly super confusing and I would say, “Please, don’t let me do anything this complicated again” but I’m kind of enjoying how complicated it is, even as I’m cursing myself. Like, I’m sort of reveling in the absolutely unnecessarily complex nerdiness of it all? I’m weird, it’s fine.

So, ironically, I only worked a small bit on the new parent writing book this month and mostly all the rest of the time on Tale of Tales but, since Tale of Tales is more important, that was just fine. I finished every play that was in progress and the first major phase of the project at last so that is HUGE and very exciting. I also worked on my adaptation of Pintosmalto which I actually just finished a few days ago here at the start of August.

Overall, my feeling about my writing and specifically the Tale of Tales project right now is totally…

Up Next

First, I take a much needed break where I am telling myself I will only read for pleasure but, knowing me, I’ll probably start tinkering with some project or other because I can’t contain myself. But then I go back and finish up the full length Fourth Orange for really truly done-zorilla. While there are other tales I plan to adapt in the future, I have no more actively in progress so it will be time to sit back and see what happens with phase 1 of my diabolical plan before attempting phase 2.

Phase 2 involves going back to a bunch of boring fairy tale nerd books for research and I don’t feel like doing that right now (even if I had time to read and take notes in a physical book) so it’ll happen when it happens. Ditto that other new commedia project I talked about last month and the other Tale of Tales full length play. These things will all get done eventually but, for now, research heavy stuff is not the best choice for my current parenting lifestyle.

Beyond that, I plan to still work on the new parent writer book and the self-publishing a play book but I’m in no rush to finish either. I like having them to just tinker with when I am between other things. I really should get to work on revising that NaNoWriMo book I wrote last year but we’ll see. Too many projects, too little time.

In the end, the main focus of everything for so long has been getting this phase of the Tale of Tales project done that I’m just relieved that the end is in sight. There’s always a bit of a floundering period after I put a big project to bed where I work on random things until something new grabs me so that’s what I have planned for August. Floundering. Swimming. Summering it up with my littles.

And writing, of course. Because if there’s one takeaway from this weird second wind, it’s that butt in the chair really does work. Keep writing, even when it’s not going well, and it’ll come back around eventually!