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Photo of Hillary DePiano doing a Q&A session with the cast and crew of a production of The Tale of Tales at Rutgers Prep
Photo courtesy of Rutgers Prep

Are you performing one of my plays? I am happy to offer visits (either in-person or via video chat) to student groups of any age who are currently producing any of my plays free of charge. It’s a great opportunity for the cast and crew to ask questions about the play and their individual roles during the rehearsal process!

Because schools so often put on plays where the author is long dead, it’s easy to forget that some of us are alive and well with internet access and would be more than happy to chat with your group. The students love connecting with the playwright behind the show they’re working so hard on and I love to see you all having so much fun with the script! That’s a win for everyone!

For more information on having me do a visit with your production, online or off, contact me here.

Photo of Hillary DePiano meeting the cast and crew of a production of The Tale of Tales at Rutgers Prep
Photo courtesy of Rutgers Prep

Similarly, I’d love to come and see the show, if possible! While my schedule and distance won’t let me attend everything, I attend productions or rehearsals whenever possible and am more than happy to stay after for talkbacks or other Q&A sessions either with the audience as a whole or just your cast and crew. So don’t be shy, drop me an invite! And I will never say no to pictures or video of your production! Pass ’em all on!

Studying one of my plays as part of your curriculum? I can visit or video chat with your class to discuss the script and academically for no charge provided your class has purchased copies of the play they are studying. From the historical context of the work to the process of adaptation, it’s always a fun and informative discussion that livens up the material for everyone.

Interested in having me talk to the students about writing or getting started in playwrighting? I offer a host of talks and workshops to writing groups and libraries year round would love to modify the material for your class or club. Please see this list for some of my most popular workshop topics or contact me and let me know what you have in mind for a custom option.

Overall, the theme of this post is: don’t be shy about reaching out! Connecting with students reading and engaging with my work is one of the main reasons I do this so you’re never being a bother, trust me! I’d love to hear from you and, hopefully, we’ll be able to work something out so we can all connect together and enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the play!