You want to see something really cool?

Jada of creamcheese.cosplay is making some absolutely amazing costumes for The Love of Three Oranges and documenting the whole process over on Instagram (a platform I am on but barely know how to use if you want to follow me and my hopelessness). You can head on over and see everything in progress but I especially want to show you this fantastic transforming dress perfect for going from orange to princess in seconds flat.

Is that neat?

The original oranges dresses designed by Paula D. Davis were a modified kind of hoop skirt in sections. The princess would hold the dress together above their heads while in orange mode and then Prince Tartaglia would “peel” them by popping each part of the skirt out the other way so it transformed into a dress.

The Love of Three Oranges by Hillary DePiano
The Three Oranges in orange mode.
The Love of Three Oranges by Hillary DePiano
Princess Ninetta in non-orange mode

I’ve also seen productions use orange umbrellas, epic orange “tent-like” structures the princesses discard after transformation and even good old painted wood backdrops that roll out of the way.

I love seeing all the creative ways people come up with to pull off this effect!