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I don’t know about you, but it feels like March 222nd over here and I’m kind of stuck in a bog of existential dread with no motivation to do anything. Which is why I didn’t realize I never officially announced that YouthPLAYS has acquired Nana’s Happy Happy Good News Only Birthday Video Chat, a play for virtual performances! (That means you can perform it on platforms like Zoom or Google Meet!)

You can read almost the entire play for free on the YouthPLAYS website and also book productions right now so go check it out!

This play is a lot of fun both to watch and perform so, if you’re looking for a crowd pleasing activity for your group while we’re all socially distanced, I highly recommend checking it out!


What do you do when it’s Nana’s birthday and a storm ruins your big bash? If you’re her grandkids, you take the party virtual with a birthday video chat! The one rule: No bad news to ruin Nana’s special day—no matter what. But can this group of disasters make it look like they’ve got their act together, or will life have other plans?

About the Play

Comedy. 30-40 minutes. 7-10 any gender. Suitable for middle school and older. 

Read more about the play here…