When I redid this website back in August of 2014 (God, has it seriously been that long???) I picked the theme I did because it was supposed to be mobile responsive and constantly updated so it would work on mobile even as standards changed. But then, shortly after the redesign, the company I got the theme from abandoned it and it really did not work great on mobile. And it was one of those things I was stressed about, but it wasn’t my top priority because of babies and writing deadlines and everything else in my overbooked life. Totally redesigning a site takes time, time I did not have to spare on a site that mostly worked anyway.

But, over the ensuing years, world cell phone use increased directly proportionally with how hard it got to read this site on mobile and I finally decided it was better to throw up a very quick, bare bones new theme just to make sure it actually worked on people’s phones and worry about making it pretty later.

Which is what you’re looking at right now.

screenshot of the Unpublishable Pennings blog page on HillaryDePiano.com

It’s not much. It’s very basic. A couple of things look a bit wonky for my tastes. I need to make a more interesting landing page. But it works on your phone, dang it, and that’s all I ask for!

For the first time in 10 years, both my kids are in school full time this autumn and I had naively thought this meant I would have control of my life again. Unfortunately, that has NOT been the reality for a variety of reasons. I have a long list of things I hope to do to improve this site as well as lots of new scripts and books to get out to you, but I am frankly not sure exactly when I’ll have a chance to do any of these things because I’m only sporadically getting time to work and still barely caught up from the last two years of chaos.

I’m loathe to promise any return to normalcy because that only seems to jinx things so all I can do is wave my hands mysteriously and say, “Someday!”

But, in the meantime, at least we have a functional website!