4TheWords is a fun and productive writing game that I’ve been playing since May 2018 and highly recommend. It gamifies writing, making the process of building a writing habit fun with an RPG style fantasy game where you defeat monsters, craft items and progress through quests by writing. Wanna try it?

Here’s the big news: Thanks to a limited time quirk of stacking promo codes, you can expand the usual 30 day free trial into a whole 90 days of unlimited gameplay and site usage!

Image of the four prizes you can get with one of the 4TheWords promo codes: +30 Days of Subscription Time, Old School Wardrobe Sweater, Old School House Rug and Old School Badge

There is just one catch: They are going to be launching a massive redesign the site any day now so you’ll experience the somewhat jarring experience of having the entire UX changing out from under you. But, if you’re new, that probably won’t bother you as much as it might someone who’s been using the site for years. Plus the redesign is supposed to be much more mobile friendly and adds a ton of cool tools for goal tracking and building a writing habit. And 90 days is plenty of time to poke around and get used to the new UX!

What’s even better than 90 days free? Those 90 days will include the upcoming Halloween mini event, the month-long Dragon Clan event (running in November to tie with NaNoWriMo where we get to hatch our own dragons with our words!!) AND the Winter Wonderland event in December.

Starting dates for those events are listed below.

Image advertising Kalakun's Halloween Party starting Friday, Oct 28th Noon EST
Image advertising the Dragon Clan Event which begins Monday, Oct 31st Noon EST
Image advertising the Winter Wonderland Festival starting Friday Dec 16th Noon EST

Three limited time events AND 90 free days to test out the normal gameplay? How can you pass that up?

But the ability to stack promo codes expires on October 24th, 2022, so act quickly if you want to take advantage (though you’ll still be able to snag a 60 day free trial for a little while after that date).

Here’s how to get your 90 free trial

Screenshot of the 4TheWords homepage

Create a new account on 4TheWords.com

When it asks for a referral code, use mine AOZSY71632 to get some free crystals (which is the in-game currency for purchasing subscription time and premium items for your house or avatar). If you use my referral code to sign up, dm me on 4TW or email me here with your 4TW username once you’re set up and I’ll also send you a little welcome gift of some weapons and coins to help get you started!

Creating a new account will get you your first free 30 days

Next, head to the News page in your shiny new 4TheWords account. There are two ways to get there. The “News” tab from your Dashboard section (last icon on the leftmost navbar, looks like a picture of a graph) or the star icon in the top navbar. (Don’t panic if your star icon is yellow instead of white, that just means you have an unread update!)

Image showing exactly where to click to find the 4TheWords news section

In the October 14th, 2022 update, you’ll find a limited time code, oldschool, that expires on October 24th, 2022. This code gives you several free in-game items as well as 30 free days of subscription time.

Now you’ve got 60 free days!

Screenshot of the 4TheWords news post about the limited promo code

For your next free 30 days, head over to the Sponsor Offers page on the NaNoWriMo website. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see another coupon code, wrimo2022, giving you some free in-game items, a discount on subscription crystals and, you guessed it, another free 30 days added to your account.

Screenshot of the advertisement for the 4TheWords promo code from the NaNoWriMo offers page

This will bring your free subscription time up to a full 90 days!

(Note that this NaNoWriMo code does not expire until February 1st, 2023 so, even if the other code above has expired, you can still take advantage of this one.)

Where do I put these codes?

Once your 4TheWords account is set up, navigate your account page at https://4thewords.com/dashboard/settings.

You can get there by pressing the graph icon at the bottom of the leftmost navbar.

Screenshot of the 4TheWords account page where you can input any promo codes

See where is says, “Have a Special Code? Enter it below”? Paste your codes (one at a time!) into that spot and hit redeem. If it works, you’ll see a pop-up confirming that you got free subscription time and your other extras. (If it doesn’t work, try removing any unnecessary spaces.)

And that’s it!

Now you can enjoy all the features of the site as well as three special events for 90 days without paying a cent! Pretty cool, right?

I’m going to start blogging about tips and strategies for 4TheWords more in the future so feel free to send me questions as you’re poking around the site. I’ve been playing for a longggg time so I’m a bit of a super user and I’m always happy to help a new player out!