Hillary DePiano is a playwright, fiction and non-fiction author best known for fantastically funny fairy tales, surprisingly sweet slapstick and unrelentingly upbeat writing advice. With over two dozen plays for everyone from pre-schoolers and up, she’s been honored to have her work performed in schools and theatres around the world.

As the author of the How to Start Writing series, she regularly shares advice and pep as a blogger and speaker. Since 2010, Hillary heads the Northeastern New Jersey region for NaNoWriMo.org and works as a volunteer in support of their creative mission. She also writes about eBay, e-commerce and selling online under the name T. W. Seller (TheWhineSeller.com).

For more information about her books, plays, and blogs or to connect via social media, visit HillaryDePiano.com.


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  • 2002 C. Willard Smith Award for Creativity in Theatre for writing and directing The Love of Three Oranges
  • 2001 Julia Fonville Smithson Memorial Prize for The Author
  • 2001 West Branch Literary Prize for Fiction for The Author
Spring 2024 News and Updates

Spring 2024 News and Updates

Friends, it's June. Can you believe it's already June? I can't. I don't even know what year it is. Who even are you people and how did you get in here? Well, since you're here anyway, there's a bunch of various things going on so I thought it was a good moment to do a...


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