This form is for submitting your write-in or other NaNoWriMo event so that I can get it on the official calendar for the area and include it on our email blasts. (Newbies, find some tips for hosting your own NaNoWriMo event here.)

A few notes before you submit:

  • Please check what’s already on the calendar before selecting a date. Events can happen concurrently if they are far away from each other and in-person write-ins are fine to schedule against on-line ones but I may not be able to include your event on the calendar if it conflicts with another larger local event so just keep that in mind while scheduling.
  • Your event must be reasonably within the Northeast New Jersey area.
  • There should not be a charge for attending your event (email me if you think yours has a good reason for being an exception).
  • If your event has any limitations, such as age restrictions for an event held in a bar or limited to students of your college, etc, please add that information in the Additional Notes.
  • If you’re submitting multiple recurring events at the same location and time (such as “every Sunday at the Rockaway Library in November from 1 PM -4 PM”), you can just fill out the form once and input all the dates in the one date form. If, however, you’re submitting multiple events where the start and end time vary from event to event or there’s a different venue for each, you’ll have to submit each event separately through the form.
  • I’ll include the link to your NaNo profile on the event so that participants can contact you for any questions or issues related to your event. If you’d prefer to include an email address or phone number with your event listing (understanding the listing will be public), please indicate this in the notes section.
  • By submitting this form, you are committing to hosting this event. Please notify me immediately of any changes or cancellations to what you submitted below so that I can update the calendar accordingly.