New Year's Thieve

It’s New Year’s Eve at the North Pole but the work of the holidays isn’t over. Father Time’s warehouse is under renovation and Santa’s Workshop is bursting at the stocking seams trying to house the world’s New Year shipment. Santa’s helpers have almost made it to midnight when an unexpected, and strangely familiar, caller in an old silk hat appears looking for the boss. He’s convinced he’s cursed and searching for a cure that may even be beyond Santa Claus’ powers. When the situation turns desperate and the visitor turns thief, will Time be on their side? Can the elves restore the light of the future before the ball drops on another year?

  • GENRE: Comedy
  • LENGTH: 30 – 35 minutes
  • CAST: 2 Male, 3 Female, 3 Either (7 to 10+ actors possible)
  • SET: Simple staging

Though a standalone play, New Year’s Thieve is a companion piece to Polar Twilight and can function as a sequel to that play. For information about performing the two shows back-to-back to create a single full length play, please contact me

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