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February 5 –
March 1, 2024


Get Stuff Done

Productivity and Goal Tracking for Writers

From simple day-to-day administrative tasks to juggling long term goals, this class covers simple tools and strategies the working writer can use to keep them and their writing dreams organized and on track.

4-Week Online Writing Workshop offered by

Workshops, Talks, and School Visits

From online writing workshops for adults, classes for schools and libraries to visits to groups currently producing or studying any of my published works, here are a few of the talks, visits and workshops I can offer for your group or space. To inquire about any of the opportunities below, please contact me using this form.

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Are you performing one of my plays? I am happy to offer visits (either in-person or via Skype or Google Video chat) to student groups of any age who are currently producing any of my plays free of charge. A great opportunity for the cast and crew to ask questions about the play and their individual characters during the rehearsal process!

I’ll come see the show! While my schedule and distance won’t let me attend everything, I also love to attend productions or rehearsals whenever possible and am more than happy to stay after for talkbacks or other Q&A sessions either with the audience as a whole or just your cast and crew.

Studying one of my plays in your class? I’m happy to visit or video chat with your class to discuss the script for no charge provided your class has purchased copies of the play they are studying.

Interested in having me talk to the students about theatre, writing or getting started in playwrighting either virtually or in-person? You can see a sample of the workshops and talks I can offer in the Workshops and Classes option.

Workshops and Talks

I am available for a variety of workshops and talks for libraries, writing groups and schools about writing craft, publishing, productivity and more either in person, online or via video chat (Skype, Google, etc) for a fee or a bulk purchase of one of my books. For a full list of the talks and workshops I’m currently offering, please see this list.

Looking for someone to do a Q&A or other group session with your writing group? From publishing, marketing and story craft across multiple genres, I’m happy to come talk to your group in an interactive setting!

Spring 2024 News and Updates

Spring 2024 News and Updates

Friends, it's June. Can you believe it's already June? I can't. I don't even know what year it is. Who even are you people and how did you get in here? Well, since you're here anyway, there's a bunch of various things going on so I thought it was a good moment to do a...


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