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Arm Candy

by Hillary DePiano

Betta’s father won’t stop nagging her to get married but those suitors don’t care that she’s a brilliant inventor, they’re only looking for some arm candy! When she builds herself a handsome man out of sugar and brings him to life, it seems like the perfect solution. But when a queen covets her groom and steals him from their wedding, Betta must save both her handcrafted husband and reputation before time runs out. The result is part 17th Century gender-flipped steampunk Frankenstein, part madcap ensemble romantic comedy and all around fun!  Alchemy and elbow grease replace wishes and magic in this modern retelling of the Italian fairy tale Pintosmalto from Giambattista Basile’s The Tale of Tales (Il Pentamerone, Lo cunto de li cunti).

  • Comedy / Fantasy
  • 35-45 Minutes
  • 2 male, 3 female, 1 any (4-7+ performers possible)

If you’d like a free perusal copy of this play, let me know.