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Do you want to write but have no idea where to begin? Building a Writing Life is the beginner writer’s guide you’ve been looking for!

You want to be a writer. You want to start a writing habit, share your story, and make some real progress on your writing dreams. You want to find time to write and make room in your life for everything from daily journaling to writing books and beyond. You want to build a writing life.

But how do you start?

Building a Writing Life is a straightforward, step-by-step guide to integrating writing into your life so you can make steady progress on your goals. Whether you write for personal reasons or dream of more commercial success, you CAN fit writing into your already busy life. With simple, actionable steps you can start taking today, this easy-to-read guide will take you from an aspiring writer to the real deal.

In this book, you’ll…

  • Make the mental commitment to your writing dreams.
  • Conquer your fears and doubts to start the story of your heart.
  • Discover and nurture ideas.
  • Build a regular writing habit.
  • Motivate yourself to write on days when you don’t feel like it.
  • Find and make room in your schedule, even if there’s no time to write.
  • Battle distractions and productively use your writing time.
  • Discover your ideal writing circumstances and how to think outside the textbox when they aren’t available.
  • Fine-tune your writing process by setting better goals and embracing what works for you.

… and, most important of all…

  • Become a real writer at last!