The (Completely Inaccurate) Legend of the Mummy Witch House by Hillary DePiano


The best scary stories are the ones that are at least partly true…
(This isn’t one of those stories.)

The (Completely Inaccurate) Legend of the Mummy Witch House

by Hillary DePiano

Three urban explorers venture into a haunted house to find proof of a legend, but when they come face-to-face with the creepy place’s real residents, they’re not quite what the trio expected. Turns out, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction–and way more fun.

Comedy 10 – 15 minutes
3 f, 4 e (6-12 actors possible: 3-12 f, 0-12 m)
Set: Minimal, suggesting an old house.

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This play can also be performed as part of the full-length play Scared Silly.

Full description

The Legend of the Mummy Witch is the perfect monster mash-up. A haunted house filled with ghouls, werewolves, zombies and more, it’s got everything you could possibly want in a ghost story. But is there any truth to it at all? When a group of urban explorers who love the tale set out to crack the mystery, they’re disappointed when what they discover doesn’t match their expectations. But as they bargain for their lives with a sorceress and her transforming tabby, demonic squirrel-imps and a stylish golem who literally can’t keep it together, they’re forced to consider a wild new idea: Might the real version actually be better?


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June 23, 2017