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The Fourth Orange

by Hillary DePiano

Both prequel and sequel to Hillary DePiano’s adaptations of The Love of Three Oranges and The Green Bird, it’s the story of how Franny and Truffaldino first met… with a citrus twist!

There were only supposed to be three oranges.

All Franceschina had to do was deliver one measly basket of sausages to the witch and go on her way. But, no, she had to play the hero and ended up cursed and forgotten, caught in the crossfire of someone else’s fairy tale. Well, she’s learned her lesson. From now on, she’s minding her own business and leaving the action to the real heroes. But when a dragon is destroying an entire kingdom and nobody will do anything about it, she’ll have to decide the role she wants to play in her own story and what really makes a hero. A mash-up of the Italian fairy tale, The Merchant, from Giambattista Basile’s The Tale of Tales (Il Pentamerone, Lo cunto de li cunti) with characters from Carlo Gozzi’s The Love of Three Oranges, The Fourth Orange is a wacky commedia-style fairy tale adaptation for all ages.

  • Comedy / Fantasy
  • 20-30 minutes
  • 4 m, 6 f, 5 any (7-20+ actors possible)
  • Flexible staging, lots of small speaking parts and things for the ensemble to do, tons of fun for all ages to watch and perform!
 If you’d like a free perusal copy of this play, let me know.