Goosed! by Hillary DePiano, adapted from the fairy tale, The Goose, by Giambattista Basile (The Tale of Tales)


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adapted from the fairy tale, The Goosed, by Giambattista Basile

by Hillary DePiano

Looking for a large cast comedy play script with plenty of female roles for your next festival or drama competition? It’s time to get Goosed! 

When two poor sisters save a goose from the butcher, the animal is so grateful it produces them piles of gold. But when their greedy neighbors want the treasure for themselves, they discover this goose isn’t so easily cooked. From a blood thirsty fowl with golden stool to a careless prince who gets it in the end, soon everyone is feeling the pinch. With a large cast, majority female roles, lots of physical comedy and room for improvisation, Goosed is an Italian fairy tale in the classic slapstick tradition that’s a butt-load of fun for all ages to watch and perform.

Kindness is as good as gold in this modern adaptation of The Goose from Giambattista Basile’s The Tale of Tales (Il Pentamerone, Lo cunto de li cunti).

  • Comedy / Fantasy
  • One Act Stage Play
  • 25-35 minutes
  • 6 Female 1 Male 5 Any
  • Cast size: 11-unlimited

Ideal for middle school to high school teen performers through adults


  • Simple, flexible staging.
  • Large cast with majority female roles.
  • Ensemble with plenty to do that can expand based on your casting needs.
  • Opportunities for physical comedy, masked commedia dell’arte, improvisation and puppets.
  • School friendly version with tamer content available.
  • Great length for drama competitions and classroom study.


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October 18, 2015