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Looking for a large cast comedy play script with plenty of female roles for your next festival or drama competition? You’ll find a winning combo of slapstick and sentimentality in The Myrtle!

When a trio of sneaky suitors steal a beautiful myrtle tree and gift it to the prince, they don’t know it transformers into a fairy maiden at sundown. But now the prince must right the wrong and reunite myrtle and mother at the risk of losing the woman he loves. A weird and wacky romantic comedy about family and flaws inspired by the Italian fairy tale.

Love blooms in this modern adaptation of The Myrtle from Giambattista Basile’s The Tale of Tales (Il Pentamerone, Lo cunto de li cunti).

  • Comedy / Fantasy
  • 5 m 8 w (5-20+ performers possible)
  • 30-40 minutes


  • Simple, flexible staging.
  • Large cast with majority female roles.
  • Opportunities for physical comedy, masked commedia dell’arte and improvisation.
  • Great length for drama competitions and classroom study.

This play is available for productions but unpublished. Members of the New Play Exchange can read it in its entirety for free here.