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Winner of the one-act category of The Chameleon Theatre Circle’s 16th Annual New Play Contest

Has TJ’s comfortable routine become a rut? When an old friend comes to town with a challenge, TJ’s got to figure out what it really means to live a little without changing your life to meet someone else’s expectations. Week Daze zooms out and looks at our daily routines from a new perspective as all five weekdays play out simultaneously across the stage in a comic ballet.

6-7 gender neutral roles to be cast race, gender, body type blind
30-40 minutes (One Act)

Stage play and streaming version available. Streaming version is a livestreaming play meant to be performed via Zoom, Google Meet, etc. in a case when all performers cannot be together in the same space.

(This play was formerly titled Weak Days.)

This play is available for productions but unpublished. Members of the New Play Exchange can read it in its entirety for free here. Everyone else, please email me directly for a perusal copy.