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OK, fess up. Who just bought a large number of copies of my eBay books?

So I was on Amazon today and, much to my surprise, they have the coil bound edition of The Seller Ledger listed as out of stock. Now my publisher stocks Amazon directly to make sure that this very situation doesn’t happen so I had them check up on this. According to Amazon, they have 17 copies of this book in stock. . . but one person just bought all 17!

Now, during this same conversation, they said the same person just ordered 25 copies of The Trading Assistant’s Assistant.

Now, as Amazon just suffered a major outage, I am not going to take this too seriously, but how funny would it be if the reason Amazon crashed was because so many people all had an urgent need for my eBay books? I am personally thinking that the person who purchased these books goes by the name of Site Bug.

Incidentally, if you do need a copy of either of these books, Amazon is still taking orders on both of them (though there is a notice on The Seller Ledger that says that it will not ship right away) or you can always purchase them direct from the publisher at