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There are a lot of books about eBay on Amazon. But your sales have helped to put the The Trading Assistant’s Assistant into the top 100 best sellers and that is no small feat! While I may be kicked out of this spot in a few hours/minutes/seconds, for the moment, I am riding pretty high.

Thank you so much for the support this book has gotten! I have gotten almost exclusively positive feedback on this book and its a great feeling to have one’s hard work appreciated.

Now, how much better would I feel if we reached #50 before the week is through? If you were to purchase a copy on Amazon right now, whether it be used or new, for yourself or a friend, you would help me out with that. Just sayin’. . 😉

If you already have a copy and would be willing to write a review of the book on either Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble, or your own website, I would also greatly appreciate it!

We are far enough along now that I think I can mention that my publisher and I are working on an eBook version of this book that would be available exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle. No word yet on what the price would be or when that will become available but I will be sure to post about it as soon as I have some more info.

Thank you again to those who purchased the book or wrote a review. Your support means so much!

Happy eBaying!

PS: I was so excited when I saw this news that I immediately picked up my copy of this book and started reading through it. Naturally, the first thing my eyes fell on was a typo. *sigh* What’s that they say about no matter how many times you re-read something. . .