My birthday is just about a month away and I thought I might try something fun.

It’s my birthday but I am going to give you the presents! I have partnered with GoodReads to do a special giveaway of some of my most popular books. These giveaways are free to enter and end on my birthday (October 16th).

GoodReads handles the drawings to make sure there is no funny stuff so if you aren’t a remember yet, you can create a free account now. Once you have logged into your account, you can click the big Enter to win button on any of the giveaways below.

The drawing is random so it doesn’t matter how late or how early you enter so place your name in the hat now so you don’t forget.

You can enter drawings for all or just one of the books, it’s up to you! Increase your chances the more books you put in an offer for.

To enter the drawing for a particular book, click the relevant link below.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that YOU are the one to win! 😉

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