I’ve got some exciting news I’ve just been itching to share with you! My play, The Love of Three Oranges which is based off the commedia dell arte scenario by Carlo Gozzi, will be joining the Playscripts catalog before the end of the year.

Both my  playwright page and the page for the play itself on the Playscripts website are still under construction so there isn’t much to look at at the moment but expect that to fill up in the near future. I’ve been busting my butt getting the play cleaned up (in more ways than one, more on that later) and am pleased to say that it is currently in the hands of the editor. Schools and theatre groups looking to perform the play needn’t wait, however. You can already request permission or purchase performance royalties right now through Playscripts here.

Because of the somewhat unusual path this took to publication, namely that they approached me to acquire the play instead of the other way around, the situation will be a little confusing for a while as, though all rights and performances are already going through Playscripts, you still need to get scripts from me. I can still fill bulk orders for schools and theatre groups and copies will still be available on Amazon until the new Playscripts edition is ready to go.

Fair Warning: The version of the play that I handed over to Playscripts’ editorial department yesterday is revised with some changes from the original. If you want to just read the latest and greatest version of the play, there is an email waiting list here that you can join to be notified as soon as the new copies are in. If you’re a fan of the original play, however, you’ll want to grab a copy of The Love of Three Oranges: Original Recipe (not really what it’s called) as soon as possible while it is still available. Once the Playscripts version is ready, the original version will be retired for good making it a real collectible!

There’s lots of exciting things to come in connection with this news but that’s all for now.

As always, love, luck and oranges!

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