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A young woman comes to terms with her relationship issues while facing the ghost of her past.

So, I have some exciting news. At long last, I am pleased to announce that I have a new play coming out. Well, technically, it’s already out in eBook but the acting edition will be appearing at some point in the undetermined future. (I’ll post as soon as I see that it’s for sale, I’m usually the last to know these things.)

Daddy Issues is a drama in 1-Act with roles for 1 female, 1 male and 3 small roles that can be either gender. It has simple staging and a monologue for a woman in her 20s or 30s.

You know what’s the really cool part? The eBook is 99 cents. That’s right, less then $1. If you have the Kindle app for your PC or mobile device like a smartphone or tablet you can grab the play and start reading it in minutes. Gotta love technology, right?

Before I let you go enjoy the holiday, I would appreciate your adding the book on Goodreads if possible. (I just put the page up for it on Friday and a bunch of people have already entered the giveaway. You people are insane and I LOVE YOU!!) You can also enter the giveaway for 3 copies of the acting edition while you are there though I’ll be reminding you of that again next week in a separate post.

They’ll be plenty more news to come about this and other projects but, for now, everyone have a wonderful July 4th!