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To verify as a NaNoWriMo winner, you need to copy and paste your entire novel into the box that looks like the screenshot on the right.

But you may be in trouble here if…

  • You wrote your novel by hand.
  • Your NaNoWriMo novel is spread out over multiple document files.
  • You’re paranoid about someone stealing your novel and only want to upload it scrambled. (Even though no one actually looks at what you paste in here.)

Rather than having to go through all the work of scrambling your novel, typing it in or combining all those files into one, I have a simpler solution.

I’ve set up 50,001 words of Lorem Ipsum which is a dummy text that printers use. You can copy this text and then past it into the verification box. This will verify you as a winner and, once you’ve done that, you can just go back to manually updating your word count and your bar will stay purple. Obviously, this isn’t for people who didn’t write 50,000 words to pretend they won NaNoWriMo (Who would cheat on a self-challenge like this? What would be the point?) rather for those that legitimately wrote over 50,000 words but don’t have them handy for easy copy and paste verification.

You can copy (or download if you want to save it for later for some reason) the 50,000 words here: 50,000 Words of Lorem Ipsum

Don’t know how to copy and paste? This video should help.