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Many years ago, a professor told me that The Author was literary fiction and I’ve stubbornly been categorizing it as that even as I’ve become increasingly unsure that’s where it belongs. What genre the novella is and what Amazon category it belongs in have been giving me trouble since I first made it available and I’m still not sure that I have it right. I didn’t care about genre when I wrote it but now that I’ve made it available to the public, it’s an issue that comes up again and again.

The novella takes a look at the same characters and story (of a murder on a college campus) as it increasingly falls apart and the narrative structure breaks down over four different parts.

The biggest issue boils down to this: The first two sections are serious, leaning more towards suspense and mystery, while the second two are played for comedy. There’s also fantasy elements but I’m at a loss as to what fantasy subcategory it would be. It certainly doesn’t really fit into any of the main fantasy sub-genres, especially not the ones listed on Amazon.

Right now, I have it listed as Literary Fiction and in Fiction > Humor because I’m only allowed two categories. But are these the best fits for the book?

I need some help. What category do YOU think this book would fit best in? It’s free until midnight PST today so, if you have a minute, take a look and let me know where you would classify it.