Portrait of Carlo Gozzi (1720-1806)

Portrait of Carlo Gozzi (1720-1806)  Author of The Love of Three Oranges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know. We’ve covered this before. But for some reason this misconception keeps coming up and it drives me batty.

Take this line from The Rotunda’s review of Longwood University’s production of The Love of Three Oranges:

In the style of “commedia dell’arte,” Hillary DePiano amusingly retools “The Love of Three Oranges” from the satirical opera by Carlo Gozzi for the delight of modern audiences.

Sigh. I mean, I appreciate the “amusingly” part but Carlo Gozzi wrote a commedia dell’arte scenerio called The Love of Three Oranges , not an opera. And if they’re trying to say that my play is based off of Sergei Prokofiev’s opera, The Love for Three Oranges, that’s wrong too. I realize that this newspaper is probably going off of bad info they got from someone else and it is an otherwise fantastic review but their info is just wrong.

Let’s review:

  • The story we know as The Love of Three Oranges was first a folktale passed around from generation to generation orally.
  • Around 1635,it’s first written down as The Three Citrons in Giambattista Basile‘s Pentamerone.
  • Carlo Gozzi writes it as a commedia dell’arte scenerio in 1761 as The Love of Three Oranges.
  • Sergei Prokofiev’s opera, The Love for Three Oranges comes out in 1919. It is based off of Carlo Gozzi’s scenerio.
  • Hillary DePiano’s stage play, The Love of Three Oranges, premieres in 2002. It is also based off of Carlo Gozzi’s scenerio.

One more time: My play is based off of Carlo Gozzi’s commedia dell’arte scenerio which is not an opera. My play is also not based off of Sergei Prokofiev’s opera, we just have the same source material. (I’ve honestly never even see the opera!)

Any questions?

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