Polar Twilight header 2Christmas in July… er, August! Planning your holiday show? Consider Polar Twilight, a Christmas show with a bite. #ifyouknowwhatImean

Here’s the thing. Playscripts did this big Christmas in July promotional push and was tweeting links out to all their holiday plays and I thought, “Nifty! “What I nice boost for Polar Twilight.” Except, when I took a moment to follow their links, I noticed that the show wasn’t actually showing up at all. After some investigation, I made a discovery.

Up until recently, there was some kind of bug on the Playscripts website that prevented Polar Twilight from showing in search results unless you specifically searched for the full title or my name exactly. So if you searched for Christmas? It didn’t show up. Vampire Santa Claus? Nothing. Holiday one acts? Not there.

You see the problem. It was impossible to find the show unless you already knew about it which was far from ideal.

There had been a big dip in interest in the show since Playscripts redid their site and, suddenly, I had an idea why. Fortunately, as soon as they were alerted to the issue, Playscripts fixed it right away and the play is active in search results again. Unfortunately, they had already finished their Christmas in July promotions and we missed out on that push.

Hence this little blog post. If you’re looking for a holiday show and already feel like you’ve considered everything out there, I encourage you to check out this one little show that you may have missed. You can read almost all of the play on Playscripts’ website here to preview it before you buy so there’s no risk in taking a moment to check it out.

And while we’re talking about holiday plays in one act, please also consider my newest play, New Year’s Thieve.

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