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You need to rewrite your novel but you’re at a loss of where to start. I’ve been there and I’m sharing what helped me to toss my original version and reinvent my book fresh. 

The Brute Force method didn’t work. I needed to shake things up and that wasn’t going to happen without some real effort. I couldn’t just sit down and write a whole new book, I needed to experiment first.

test tubes photoI went back to my query draft and started rewriting chapter by chapter so that the events were the same but everything happened in the complete opposite way. Loving conversation with her parents? I made it a huge screaming match. Moment of bravery? Made it one of cowardice. I inverted everything I possibly could just to see what it would do to the story.

While a lot of it was purely an exercise and didn’t really work for the characters, it opened me up to new possibilities. For the first time, I started seeing new ways for the story to unfold and this was the first moment when I felt like I could really do this. Writing the inverse of the scenes is only one way to go. I could see this working just as well if you wrote each scene from the perspective of the antagonist or some other gimmick to force yourself to question and change every element of what you’ve written. Even if you don’t use what you’re writing here in the final draft, it can help break your brain out of the rut.