While my mail list got a sneak peek of something coming soon yesterday, it’s far from the only thing in the pipeline. Here’s a quick update on what I’m working on right now:

  • I finished a new play a few weeks ago. My mailing list is getting first crack at it but I’ll have more to share about that with the rest of you soon.
  • Right now, I’m rewriting Mistress Novel from scratch with the intent of getting some kind of complete rough draft of the new version ready by the end of the month. This is a massive rewrite because I’m not only starting everything fresh (I’m not saving more than a line or two from the previous version), I’m also grafting what was the second book onto this book as a second POV. It’s going to be a completely different book by the time I’m finished.
  • If I somehow finish the draft of Mistress Novel early (Ha!), I’ll be using that time to finish my new e-commerce book which is about promoting your items on eBay. I’ve been working on it whenever I need a break from my fiction projects and a good chunk of it is already done. I’m blogging that book as I go so it’s a much more polished first draft than I normally do which I’m hoping will mean less time in editing and revision later.
  • After I finish the new draft of Mistress Novel, I’m going to let it sit for a few weeks while I rework the Polar Twilight novel and get it ready for beta readers. I would like to think that it won’t take me more than a month but I’m probably delusional on that count. But, while I’m waiting for beta readers to go over that book, I’m going to revisit Mistress Novel and get a new beta draft ready of that as well.
  • My, admittedly ambitious, goal is to have both novels ready to query by the summer at the latest. I don’t have a specific deadline for the non-fiction book other than to get it out to my editor as soon as possible. I’m trying to prioritize fiction this year, something I’ve never done before in my life and terrifies me as it’s not the big money maker but the aim is to see if I can change that.
  • I am also knee deep in research for the two follow-ups to The Love of Three Oranges. So. Much. Research. I’m in the weird position that, while I want both The Green Bird and the other, which I’m going to start referring to by it’s real working title which is The Fourth Orange, to be stand alone plays, I also want them to work as sequels and continuity is important to me. A big part of this is that I’m using a character from The Fourth Orange in The Green Bird and this is a “new” character in the sense that she’s made up of several other characters I’m combining together and I want to make sure she’s consistent in both. This means I’m basically writing both shows at the same time. It’s very confusing but it’s happening so I’m not going to complain. I’m telling you right now, though, I’m finding more obscure fairy tales that I want to adapt than I need for Fourth Orange and there’s this whole feeling of, “well, since I’m researching this anyway, might as well do all of these too,” so I have a bad feeling I won’t be done with adaptation and research after these projects are over. I don’t have a deadline for this. It’s going to take as long as it takes, though I’d love to have a draft of at least one of them to show beta readers by the summer.

Those are the big priority projects right now, the ones I’m concentrating on getting done as soon as possible. I’ve added a new element to my writing goals that focuses on finishing things and getting them done because that’s my big goal this year. I really want to start getting into the habit of not letting myself start something new in earnest until I’ve gotten something else out the door. We’ll see how it goes.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this rewrite of Mistress Novel is kicking my butt but I’m keeping said butt in the chair and putting in the time and I hope it, eventually, shows.

As of 2/8, here’s where I am on the word count goal for the year…


Not too shabby, even if I do want to kill this revision right now! Anyway, back to the old grindstone…

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