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How many words can you write in a 1 minute sprint with a random prompt? Because it’s one thing to talk a good game but when you’re under the pressure and the camera is rolling… can you deliver?

Want to know how many words I can write in a minute? What kind of coherence I can possibly churn out in that small of time? Watch this!

And, frankly, I think I could do better. I may take it a second time just to see if I can beat my count.

If you haven’t heard of the NaNo Selfie Sprint Challenge, it’s a fun writing video challenge designed to raise funds for NaNoWriMo, a cause near and dear to my heart. Without donations from people like us, they not only won’t be able to get materials and kits to classrooms around the world through their Young Writer’s Program, they won’t be able to run the event at all next year, let alone into the future. If you want more information on what the challenge is about and how to do it, check out this explanation video I made below.

And let me take this opportunity to repeat my challenge at the end of that video. If you’ve got a recording device and something to write with, don’t wait to get challenged, record and share your selfie sprint for NaNoWriMo and post your link below! I want to see how my word count compares!