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Pretend this says December 2015, because I can’t remember what font I used to fix it.

This is a total cheat of a blog post that I’m writing in December 2016 because I realized that I totally forgot to do a recap post for December 2015 and I want it here with all the rest for closure. As such, I’ll keep it super short. Keep in mind as you read that my writing year ends in November so December is the first month of my new Writing Year.

Here’s what December 2015 looked like in writing…

50,000 words

Total Words Written

Average Words Per Day

Things completed:

Other Works Actively in Progress this Month:


This month was all about rewriting The Green Bird based on what I learned from the various productions I saw in the fall. This took up the majority of my time and was a lot of work because it meant completely overhauling several scenes in addition to changing little lines here and there. But I got it out in time for the first of the 2017 productions to use the new version which made all the work well worth it!

Up Next

Writing the one act version!