New Year's ThieveI had some experience with a quote from The Love of Three Oranges going somewhat viral a few years ago but it was nothing like what happened with this line from my play, New Year’s Thieve. Shortly after the play was released last year, I was seeing it everywhere… and if you’re at all familiar with the internet, you know what happened next. The quote started showing up everywhere… often without attribution. Or, worse, people just started claiming they said it.

The governing body of a major nation, that I will not name here as I did my calling out on the offending post itself, stole the quote and claimed it as their own on their social media accounts and they were one of many who did the same. In a way, it’s a compliment that it resonated with so many people but it’s also super annoying to not be credited for said clever statement. When I’m feeling charitable, I assume people just think it’s from the public domain and don’t realize it’s from a 2014 play… but I know better than to think that well of people. It’s also weird to have a quote from a play of mine go viral when that play itself still hasn’t had any notable success like Oranges has.

The quote and others from that show really pick up steam around this time of year because of its connection to New Year’s Eve (which is what the whole play is about) and, quote stealing asshats aside, I’ve gotten a lot of sweet notes from people who read it and had it help them come to a realization or through a tough time and that’s one of the best things for a writer. But, if you do like the quote, I really encourage you to check out the source play because that sentence could be the theme of the whole thing and, if you like that line, you’ll love the rest. There’s a reason I’m expanding the universe of that play into an entire novel series… it’s the kind of story that really hits people right in the feels as the kids say these days!

To everyone who has shared the quote intact, a very special thank you to you for that. I love seeing it taking on a life of it’s own and reaching more people every year and I can only hope the rest of what I write as such an impact. Speaking as a very unknown author, I really appreciate you passing my words on and helping me find new readers! You rule!

May you and yours have a wonderful New Year!


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