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In the interest of transparency, I promised to start doing a monthly recap of my writing life instead of just the big yearly one to give a sense of what I actually do in a given month. I don’t want this to be crazy long so let’s just dive into it.
January 2016Here’s what January 2016 looked like in writing…

I didn’t set a goal for this month, though I did push towards hitting 50k before the month was over when I noticed I was close.

Total Words Written

Average Words Per Day

Things completed:

Other Works Actively in Progress this Month:

  • A short play sort of about Goldilocks
  • The MG novel nicknamed WOC1


This month was all about revision. I edited two plays, did a ton of prep work for my big edit of WOC1 and edited a non-fiction book… on editing. While January is supposed to be a fresh start, I started 2016 out by revisiting last year’s projects, which meant dealing with old business, but it felt good to get them out the door.

The last week of this month has been all about research and editing prep to get ready for the massive rewrite of WOC1 next month. I’m excited about that project but nervous too so I’m doing some extra work this time around in the hopes it won’t mean nearly so many rounds of rewrites. We’ll see if it pays off.

One small revelation I got from adapting The Green Bird into a one-act was how empowering it is to completely underestimate yourself. To think you can’t do something but to make yourself do it anyway only to find that, uh, you can. To let your ass write a check that your mouth… apparently CAN cash.

I guess the takeaway is that it’s fine to completely have no confidence in yourself… as long as you show up and do it anyway.

Up Next

I’m taking a little break in early Feb after all those big editing projects and the diving right into the revision of WOC1. I have a plan and I’m well prepared but I’m also realist to know it’s probably still going to take way longer than I think it will. I’m not setting a deadline, just committing to the project until it’s done, but I am privately hoping that this will be a much faster revision than past books because of all the prep work I did. Here’s hoping!

I’m planning to take a break from The Tale of Tales plays in February while I work on the novel but don’t be surprised if I end up getting another one act play out anyway. Sometimes, when I get stuck in one project, I hop back to another until I figure it out and ToT will absolutely be the one I cheat with if that happens. Of the remaining one-act plays that will make up the full length, one is very close to finished, one is about 50% there and the last one may expand into a full length play all it’s own which will mess up my plans somewhat but c’est la vie. Plans or not, I’d be a fool to pass up the chance to add another full length to my backlist and I can always trim that one down to fit into the full length later or replace it with another fairy tale. Even though this is a big project, I do think all the one acts and hopefully the full length will be done before the end of the year, hopefully sooner, even if I do take some time away from it.

Before I leave you, here’s where I am with my December 2015-November 2016 Writing Year as of 2/2/16…

[wppb progress=”117,090/600,000″]
117,090/600,000 words (20%)

Felt so good to cross that 100,000 mark, but I’m only ahead by a few hundred words so we’ll see if I can keep it up!