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I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to say anything about this news yet but then I visited the YouthPlays website and, well, just look at it. 

Youthplays homepage

Not seeing it? Let me do the zoom for you.youthplays three padded walls

Whoa! Hey! That’s me!

One of many reasons I’m excited that YouthPlays going to be managing this play going forward is that they are very popular with the forensics and drama competition market which are two things that were a huge part of my school experience. And, while I love the idea that one of my works is going to be living on in that sphere long after I’ve left it, I’m especially stoked because I wrote this play in high school! This was my very first play and while I rewrote the whole thing last year, it still holds a very important place in my writing history.

This deal is all brand new so I have no idea when exactly the play will start to be available on their site. In the meantime, please contact me directly if you’d like a perusal copy.

In the meantime, stay tuned! This actually isn’t the publishing news I’ve been teasing as it all happened rather quickly so expect another announcement or two in the near future… 😉