If you were inspired by the visual spectacle of Julie Taymor’s award winning Broadway production of Carlo Gozzi’s The Green Bird back in 2000 and wanted to perform it with your students, you were pretty much out of luck… until now! For the first time, there’s a brand new, modernized adaptation of The Green Bird that stays true to the spirit of the original without all the racism, misogyny and creepy AF incest that was stopping you from doing the original in a school setting. From the author of the most popular modern adaptation of The Love of Three Oranges available today (that’s me, Hi!), this new version of The Green Bird is only available in both one-act and full lengths exclusively through Playscripts in starting right now!
The Green Bird Playscripts

Hit the free sample button on either play to start reading either version of the script instantly completely for free. In addition to paper acting editions, you can also purchase eScript copies for perusal or printing and get started immediately. Best of all, the official premiere production of the one-act version is still up for grabs, if you act quick, your production can claim that honor!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over and check it out!

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