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Polar Twilight, that little comedy of mine where Santa Claus is a vampire that sounds like it’s going to be all scary and blasphemous but is actually totally cute and heartwarming, (I swear! Even my Catholic school teacher mom came around to it!), is enjoying a resurgence this holiday season. The show is playing this December in Florida and Alabama here in the United States as well as productions in Canada and the United Kingdom. Details for those productions are below so that you can check them out:

DEC 1, 2016 – DEC 10, 2016
Kwalikum Secondary School, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

DEC 8, 2016 – DEC 8, 2016
Grassmarket Community Project, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

DEC 9, 2016 – DEC 9, 2016
Oak Park, Decatur, AL

DEC 11, 2016 – DEC 11, 2016
Fort Walton Beach High School Theater, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Polar Twilight logoInterested? You can currently read the entire script for free right here because Playscripts has the play featured as one of this week’s free reads!

Poor Polar Twilight has suffered from a few bad timing issues so it’s nice to see it finally getting it’s due. First, I was unable to attend the premiere of the play when it was first staged in 2012 because I was giving birth (my daughter inconsiderately decided to come early). Then when Playscripts redid their website shortly after it was published, there was a tech error that left this play out of search results which did not do wonders for its discoverability, as you can imagine. We finally discovered and corrected the issue but it was nearly a year later and we lost some serious momentum.

But when the eScript edition debuted earlier this year, I asked Playscripts if they would include the cover art I designed for it since no one had offered us a production photo to use yet and the page looked kind of naked. (Note to current productions, send me production photos and I will love you forever! Also you will achieve immortality through inclusion on the page play! Immortality through playwright love and photos is MUCH easier than the whole vampire gig, trust me on this.) I’d designed the cover art for it back when it was self-published and it’s remained largely unchanged since then apart from the last-minute addition of a tiny Santa hat to give people a better idea of what the play was about. But, as the old adage goes, people really do judge a book by its cover and interest in the play picked up immediately after we added the cover art, bringing us to where we are right now!

So, please, support those productions listed above, take advantage of the free reading period and pass the play on to someone else you think might enjoy it.

For those in the know, I’ve been adapting the world of this play (and its companion piece, New Year’s Thieve) into a middle grade novel series that I’m incredibly excited to share with you once it’s finished. So while I first started this play back in 2011, it’s been on my mind almost non-stop since as I’ve been expanding the world for the books. As such, it’s very close to my heart so, while the novel has diverged from the play in a few key ways, I’m so glad to see the original still resonates with people.